Epson EPI-4000 Driver and Software

Black Printing with Epson EPI-4000 –Epson EPI-4000 is made with its single function for printing. This is not only printing but this is also just available with black and white printing. This printer has its printing technology using inkjet technology by Epson and it has ink cartridge consumable type.

Epson EPI-4000 Driver and Software

Speaking of black and whiteEpson EPI-4000 printer, this is a printer which is very suitable for being a business printing. This can be used for kinds of document for office. Compatible for the variant operating system, this printer has its feature to be applied with many kinds of a computer with its parallel interface. It is also good for cost saving in business.

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Epson EPI-4000 Full Software and Drivers

ADI Printer Driver v1.04

Description: This file contains the Epson EPI-4000 Page Printer Driver v1.04. This file was originally released in July of 1990 for Autodesk Device Interface (ADI) v4.0. This self-extracting file creates two files in the directory where extracted. The EPI-4000.COM file is the driver. Please view the “README” document for additional information.
Compatible systems: MS-DOS
Release date: 11/10/00
File Size: 0.01 MB

Steps to Install the Driver for Epson EPI-4000

These steps you can find below are used to install the Epson EPI-4000 without using the CD driver.

Things that you need:

  1. Without the CD driver, you can still install the Epson EPI-4000 driver. You will need to download the setup file that will replace the CD driver.
  2. You will also need the proper cable that will connect the printer to the laptop or computer where you want to install the driver. You will mostly find it on the box of the printer.

Follow these detailed instructions to install the Epson EPI-4000 driver.

  1. Turn on the printer and the computer or laptop where you want to install. However, do not connect the printer to the computer or laptop first. You will be asked later on.
  2. Run the setup file that you have downloaded earlier. After you start it, you need to follow all of the instructions that you can find on the installation wizard. It is not a hard thing to do.
  3. Before the installation is finished, you will be asked to connect the printer with your laptop or computer. Use the cable that you have prepared before to compare them.
  4. The installation wizard will automatically recognize the Epson EPI-4000 printer. The information will be displayed on the screen of your laptop or computer.
  5. After waiting for a few more minutes, the installation will be finished. You need to close the installation wizard, restart your computer, and the printer is ready to use.